Who Is Cactus Girl?

I’m Meredith, master messaging maven and owner of Cactus Girl Media. Although I’ve been in NYC for over a decade, I’m a Texas girl at heart with a deep love for southwest landscapes, desert sunsets, and cacti.

I’m a “Meowmy” to Big Barsik, once known as New York’s fattest cat. Although he’s still a big boy now at 18 lbs, his highest weight before I adopted him was 41 lbs (Read the whole story here.) Since his adoption, Barsik and I have a very special story of our own and it has been one of the great joys of my life to see this sweet big boy thrive.

I’m a firm believer in the power of storytelling and I’ve seen from experience the momentum that honing one’s story can inject into an impact-driven business. After spending 7 years with the wool pulled over my eyes in a very cult-like MLM “business” structure, I navigated my own healing and processing through both written and photographic storytelling. Not only did I want to make others aware of the danger of the Network Marketing industry, but I knew my story and experience would connect me with others who could truly see me both because of and despite my experiences.

Those soul-baring stories helped me launch my post-MLM offerings as a copywriter and content creator which quickly helped me leave my full-time job and embrace my dream role as a master storyteller and messaging expert you see today. My stories put the power back into my hands, giving me so many of the things MLM and society as a whole had promised me. The answers were inside of me the whole time.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to help other B2C business owners discover the same for themselves. I’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs double their sales using stories as the catalyst. As a result, they’re more aligned, more free, and more themselves in their business than ever while making the connections, conversions, and revenue they’ve always wanted. 

My other great loves are travel, photography, and fashion. I will NEVER say no to the chance to scope out a cool spot, get dressed to the nines, and document as many moments as possible. After all, anything for a good story, right?