I serve impact-driven service providers
who desire to:

  • Challenge the standard

  • Strip down the BS

  • Connect with aligned clients

  • Build a sustainable business

  • Be true to themselves

Learn the Language That Sells

A 90-day 1:1 program for mission-driven CEOs to turn your story into a powerful buying message that will have dream clients in your inbox on the reg—forever! 

If you want to create aligned content that doesn’t feel icky, works harder than any algorithm ever could, and connects you to the right client every time, Learn the Language That Sells is the program for you. You’ll get the tools you need to create a content strategy that sustains your business for years to come, without draining you!

In fact, you’ll learn how to make sales consistently while working 5 hours a day, or less! 

Big Pic Energy

Looking for a strategy refresh? Strategy sessions are a great option for alumni of Master Money Attractors with high-level strategy needs. Strategy sessions are also a great option for those who would like an introduction to working with me and want a quick injection of value into their current strategy. We dream big in these sessions. Come prepared to receive a renewed sense of excitement for your big-picture goals plus actionable steps on how to use magnetic messaging to take your business from where it’s at, to where you want it to go. 

DFY Copywriting

Although my greatest passion is to impart my skills and knowledge to my clients through education and mentorship, I do retain availability to provide done-for-you copywriting services for projects that set my heart on fire. If you’re looking for support on an upcoming project, please submit an inquiry to be reviewed. Due to limited availability, projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis.